Hi! I’m Abhishek Gahlot

Software Engineer / Web Developer
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About Me

I am a Software Engineer who created Cloudtub.com Cloud Storage Web Application and Dynofy.com A Real Time website monitoring and tracking system.

I am currently working at HackerRank as a Software Engineer there I manage and work on CodePair. I have been using NodeJS, BackboneJS and MongoDB for main techstack while Redis and Firebase for Syncing data.

Databases & abilities


Programming Language skills

C / C++

Education & jobs

Sept 2011 - June 2015Bachelor of Technology in Computer ScienceKurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, India
July 2015 - CurrentSoftware Engineer HackerRank Inc. , Bangalore, India

Frameworks Skills

NodeJS / ExpressJS / Koa
Flask / Django


Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning & Neural Networks
Parallel Programming
Optimization and Scaling
Coding for 4 years!
Cloudtub.com (2012-2013)

Cloudtub.com is a cloud storage web application.

Implementing directory structure virtually for users was challenging task.

Technologies used: P​HP, MongoDB, MySQL, AngularJS, Laravel, s3ql.

Pintext.it (2015)

Pintext is software and web application built using Tornado async framework.

It helps to increase productivity by managing your text snippets

Technologies used: NodeJS Native app for Windows, Mac and Linux (Currently in Progress).

Dynofy.com (2014)

Dynofy is a powerful web application that monitor websites and generate uptime reports.

It is a less complicated and cheaper alternative to its competitors.

Technologies used: P​ython, MongoDB, AngularJS, Flask a​nd​Phonegap​(For Mobile application).

Data Prediction using Machine Learning (2015)

Predict different types of data and show results using graphs using Flask Framework on HTML Page.

Uses Sci-Kit python framework and machine learning algorithms at backend to show output.

Predict different types of data and show results using graphs using Flask Framework on HTML Page.

Social Crawler (2013)

Its unique web crawler that finds social shares of all the valid links.

Help webmasters find their popular posts and competitors posts.​

Built with Python. Uses F​lask and Redis server ​to cache result for 24 hours.

Dynofy Mobile Application (2014)

Android application which uses REST API to communicate with server.

Show reports and let users compare website uptime.

Instant mobile notification incase your website is down.

Continued Education Online
December, 2014

Algorithms (Coursera - Stanford University)

Solved all the algorithmic problems in Python

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May, 2015

Artificial Intelligence (EDX - UC Berkeley)

Exciting AI Challenges and learned AI by training Pacman in Pacman game.

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March, 2015

Cryptography (Coursera - Stanford University)

Learned about cryptography and various ciphers and algorithms.

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May, 2015

Discrete Optimization (Coursera - University of Melbourne)

Learned about optimizing NP Hard Problems using Various optimization techniques.

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December, 2014

Machine Learning (Coursera - Stanford University)

Learned about Basic Machine learning to various techniques and algorithms used in ML.

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May, 2015

Heterogeneous Parallel Programming (Coursera - University of Illinois)

Learned about CUDA Programming, OpenCL, C++AMP, OpenACC.

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